What our practice offers

This page provides an overview of the services we offer.


Preliminary consultations

We hold clarifying preliminary consultations to discuss anything that is unclear, any uncertainties, special requirements and fears you may have, the type of birth you would like and where you wish to give birth.


Admissions interviews

Before the first antenatal check-up, we hold an admissions interview at Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland or the Winterthur practice.

Antenatal check-ups

Antenatal check-ups at the Winterthur practice are open to all parents-to-be from the start of the pregnancy – even if you’re not yet sure where you want to give birth.

If you plan to give birth at Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland, the antenatal check-ups in the 36th week and at the due date will take place at the birthing centre in Bäretswil. All other antenatal check-ups can be attended either at the Winterthur practice or at the birthing centre.


What exactly do we check?

During the check-ups, we discuss the personal situation and wishes of the woman/couple. We also check all relevant data. This comprises the mother’s blood pressure, weight, urine and blood readings and abdominal circumference, the baby’s heart sounds and the height of the uterus. The baby’s position and growth (i.e. size and weight) and the quantity of amniotic fluid are ascertained by means of external palpation. The well-being of the mother-to-be also plays a big role in the check-up.

We recommend an ultrasound scan around the 20th week of pregnancy to determine the location of the placenta and check the baby’s internal organs. We conduct all necessary laboratory analyses in collaboration with the Viollier laboratory in Winterthur.

Why see a midwife?

If you are interested in giving birth at the birthing centre


We also offer a range of alternative treatments as part of our holistic maternity care services.


One of the most important treatment methods from the field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture is used to alleviate health problems and assist with preparation for the birth. It involves stimulating certain points in the skin by inserting thin needles in order to eliminate blockages in the flow of energy and thus heal the health problems that the patient is suffering from.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a soothing form of birth preparation for the mother and the unborn child and a wonderful treatment method that ensures both mother and child are in harmony after the birth. This gentle, manual treatment activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms by means of light palpation and the therapist’s intent focus on the craniosacral system (the skull, spine and pelvis).


Taping supports the body’s self-healing mechanisms by means of biochemical and sensory principles. It restores normal muscle tone, alleviates pain, activates the lymph system and supports the functioning of the joints.


Antenatal classes

During the antenatal classes, the birthing centre midwife prepares participants for the birth. Content includes measures to prepare for the birth, exercises, breath awareness, the role of the partner, the birth process, the options for the birth and the initial period with the child. Antenatal classes are held as group courses spread over multiple evenings or as group weekend courses (in German). Please contact us to enquire about private courses in English.

Follow-up checks

The follow-up check primarily consists of questions: How have you coped with the birth and the transition to the new family situation? How is the sleeping and breastfeeding going? How are things in the partnership?

We perform various medical checks, take time for your questions and encourage discussion.